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Your new Council Tax bill 2020-2021

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Local Authorities up and down the country are preparing domestic properties new bills for the upcoming financial year.

Your new 2020-2021 Council Tax Bill should arrive with you on or before 30 April. We've noted some key actions for you to consider to help you prepare for your new bill. To avoid falling into arrears this year we suggest you are proactive with the points below.

How to set up payments for your new council tax bill

One way to avoid arrears this year is by setting up a direct debit, telling your bank to automatically pay your local authority a set amount, every month until the bill is paid off (typically you can choose 10 or 12 months).

If you're worried about falling into debt you should contact your local council as you may be entitled to a discount depending on your circumstances.

Take action

If you do not receive your new bill before this period, you should contact your local council as soon as possible. Delaying contacting the council will not reduce your bill, it will just reduce the length of time that you have to arrange payment.

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