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Getting help when you're feeling vulnerable


If your current financial situation is making you feel vulnerable and making paying your debts difficult, you've come to the right place. 

How we can help

We understand that different life events can temporarily or permanently negatively affect your financial situation. That's why we have a fully trained, friendly welfare hub available to discuss your current situation and provide the appropriate relief that you require.

Our welfare hub will seek to learn as much information as possible about your current situation via telephone, email or live chat - whichever you are most comfortable with. You may be asked to provide proof of your vulnerability where applicable, but don't worry! this is in your best interests and will only be used to help us provide a service suitable to your situation.  

Working with local CAs and debt charities

Our team work with local CAs across the country and a variety of debt charities, meaning if you don't want to speak to us, that's okay. With some cases, where explicitly authorised, the CA or other debt charities will be able to set a payment arrangement on your behalf, without you needing to speak directly to us.

If you're currently seeking advice from your local CA or debt charity please let our team know so we can note your account and prevent any unnecessary enforcement visits.

Find out what debt charities you can contact

We've put together a list of trusted debt charities for your ease.

Have you heard about 'Breathing Space' from your debt(s)?​

Breathing Space, more formally known as The Debt Respite Scheme (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, gives individuals with problem debt the right to a statutory respite period. This break will freeze interest payments and suspend enforcement action for for a specific timeframe providing you are working with a debt advisor to find an appropriate long-term debt solution.

There are two types of breathing space: standard breathing space and mental health crisis breathing space.

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