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Why have I received a letter?

You've received a letter from us at Dukes because you have an outstanding debt with our client(s).


As per the letter/ SMS /email that you have received, you must arrange payment of your debt(s). If you fail to make payment or contact us within the timescale provided on your correspondence, you will receive a visit from an Agent who will be seeking to recover the amount in full.

Who is Dukes Bailiffs Limited?

Established in 1993, Dukes Bailiffs Limited is an enforcement and debt collection agency, spanning the whole of the UK and Wales.

We recover a variety of debts for Local Authorities and Private clients  including but not limited to;

1. Council Tax Arrears

2. National Non-Domestic Arrears

3. Unpaid Penalty Charge Notices

4. Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

5. Unpaid Invoices

6. Housing Benefit Overpayments

7. Former Tenant Arrears
8. BID Debt

We're here to help

This site provides you with all the information that you will need to understand the debt recovery process including how to make payment, a break down of enforcement fees and enforcement agent rights, and money saving tips to help you get out, and stay out of debt. 

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Manage your account

Login to our online application to find out details about your debt, make a payment, request a payment arrangement and more.

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Make a secure online payment

Make a quick payment in full or pay via instalment via our secure online portal. 

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