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Payment methods

All payments should clear the debt in full or must be in accordance with an agreed arrangement. Note: Payment must be made directly to Dukes and not our client to avoid further costs and action.


Should, for any reason, you fail to make a payment before the date noted on your correspondence from Dukes or should you fail to make your payment as part of your agreed arrangement, without prior warning, further recovery action may continue and additional fees may be added to your account. 

Our most popular payment methods 

Our automated payment options mean you can make a payment in just a few taps, anytime, anywhere. All three of the below are available 24/7 without the need to speak with our Customer Collections Team. 

If you don't have our Dukes or Client reference number available a member of our team will be able to help you on LiveChat

For all other ways to make payment, click here

Payment arrangements

If you've received a letter requesting payment but don't have the funds to pay in full right now, contact our friendly team who will run through your income and expenditure to assess possible repayment solutions.

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