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Request a payment arrangement

We recognise that unforeseen circumstances may affect your ability to make a one-time payment. If you are unable to pay the full amount at once, we are here to help. Our priority is to find a solution that works for you and our client.

Did you know billions of benefits remain unclaimed each year?  Find out if you are missing out on unpaid benefits by trying out the benefit calculator.

Learn how the benefit system can support your income

Before you request a payment arrangement, why not use our simple benefits calculator to find out if you qualify for benefits that could boost your household income?


You can also understand how to apply for them and see how your benefits might change if you start working. 

Payment Arrangement - I&E

How to request a payment arrangement at Dukes

By engaging with us and completing the Income & Expenditure form, you take a proactive step towards resolving your outstanding debt.


Please complete the form accurately and provide all necessary details. Once you've submitted the form, our dedicated team will review your information and assess your eligibility for a repayment arrangement. We will contact you promptly to discuss the available options and work together towards an arrangement that aligns with your financial situation.

You must provide details of your income and expenditure to be considered for a payment arrangement. Please complete the form below.

Step 1: Input your personal details

Please provide your details accurately.

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