Organise your payments via a Standing Order

Standing Order.png

What is a Standing Order?

It is an instruction you give to your bank or building society to authorise a payment for a set amount, usually on a regular basis, to be made to another UK bank. On the day specified, your account will be debited and the money transferred to Dukes Bailiffs Limited.

How do I set up a Standing Order?

  • You must fill in a Standing Order Mandate Form, provided by Dukes, and take this to your bank or building society.

  • To receive a Standing Order Mandate Form you must call Dukes on 01785 825 500.

How often can I send payments with a Standing Order?

  • Weekly

  • Fortnightly

  • Monthly

Whose responsibility is it to cancel the standing order when the debt is cleared?

  • It is your responsibility to cancel the standing order once the debt is cleared. If you do not cancel the standing order payments will continue to be automatically transferred to Dukes.

  • You must provide Dukes with an up to date telephone number so we can inform you when your balance is £0.00.