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Enforcement Visits to recommence on 24 August 2020

We know that Covid-19 has and will affect people in different ways, especially those who owe money to creditors. To help protect you, from 24 March we chose to stop enforcement visits during the coronavirus emergency period.

Important Update to Enforcement Activity

In accordance with government guidance, from 24 August 2020, we will be making Enforcement Agent visits again. Enforcement Agents will only visit if you do not respond to our communications and contact us prior to this date.

We would prefer not to visit, and we understand you might prefer this too. However, if you do not contact us, for the moment we will assume your circumstances have not been affected and this may mean an Enforcement Agent is required to visit in future. 

When you contact us, we will talk about the options available to you at this time. Our highly trained team have lots of experience in helping with a range of circumstances, from individual vulnerabilities to financial difficulties.

You can contact us via LiveChat or by any of the methods found on our contact page.

Please note our offices are currently open Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm.

Temporary Arrangements and Payment Holidays

If you contacted us during the pandemic to set a temporarily low arrangement or you have received a temporary payment holiday, you must contact us prior to the 23 August, as agreed when setting up your arrangement, so our team can reassess your financial situation. If you do not contact us you will be breaking the temporary plan that you agreed, and this may mean an Enforcement Agent is required to visit in the future.

Practicing Safe Social Distancing

Our Enforcement Agents will be fully trained in how to visit you safely and appropriately. They will be equipped with appropriate work wear and hygiene supplies to protect and reassure staff and members of the public, in accordance with Government and Public Health England/Wales advice. Agents will not enter your home to take control of goods. 

Get in Touch Today

Visit our contact page to make a call or schedule a call-back free of charge.

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