Online Bank Transfer


WhAT bank details DO I USED TO Transfer the monies?

  • For Dukes' bank details including the sort code and account number, you must call our office on 01785 825 500.

HOw Do I make a payment?

  • You must quote your Dukes reference number with all payments.

    Without your Dukes reference number we will not be able to track your payments back to your account. This may incur additional costs to your account.

How long will it take before you receive the payment?

  • Payments can take up to 3 working days to be received into our account, depending on your bank. Please bear this in mind if you are making a payment on the set day of your arrangement.

Is there a quicker way to transfer the money?

  • Yes. You can visit your local branch to make a payment via BACS. This service is chargeable by the bank, however the monies will be transferred to Dukes' account within 2 hours.