Make payments quick and easy with GooglePay


Transferring money is free and most transactions are complete within minutes, but may take up to 2 days depending on your bank. 


How Do I make payment?

  • You need an email address to sign up to Google Pay Send. (Formerly Google Wallet)

  • You need a bank account to link to the Google account

  • Only make payment(s) to

  • Select the amount you want to pay and enter your message. NOTE: your message must include your full name, and Dukes reference number. If you have more than one account please ensure you enter the correct reference number.*

    *Without this information we may not be able to trace your payment to your account. This could lead to additional costs being added to your account.

How Do I know if my payment has been received by DUKES?

  • Once you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Google Pay to the email address used to set up your Google account.

  • The status of the payment will remain 'pending' until the payment has been confirmed by a member of our team. Any payments not accepted within 31 days will expire and will be returned to you, the payee.

  • Once your payment has been accepted, the status of the transaction will be 'complete'.