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Enforcement fee

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Enforcement fee

£235.00 is added to your account the moment the Enforcement Agent visits your property. For larger balances (debts over £1500) or multiple cases please note an additional fee of 7.5% of the debt over £1,500 is charged on top of the £235.00.


Your account will have been passed to an Enforcement Agent if you failed to contact us with an acceptable payment arrangement or make payment in full, or if you missed a payment that was agreed as part of your arrangement. 


Once an Enforcement Agent visits you, you will have accumulated £310.00 fees on your single account (£75.00 +£235.00). The Enforcement Fee will only be added to your account once and not every time an Enforcement Agent visits you.

Additional fees chargeable after this fee

If you set up a payment arrangement you will have signed a 'controlled goods agreement'; a form which details your possessions. If you fail to stick to your arrangement an Enforcement Agent will visit your property to collect your possessions listed on this form for Sale & Disposal to cover the cost of the debt.

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